Heywood Banks

Heywood Banks is simply one-of-a-kind, almost impossible to describe, with a style his very own. Equal parts genius and buffoon, this songwriter-comic-singer-poet-musician has become a cult hero and a pop icon, with a show that appeals to college students, stoners, businessmen, yuppies, rednecks, punks, kids or your grandmother.

Heywood intersperses his humorous observations of life with twisted, inventive, bizarre songs, sung and played in a variety of styles, from folk, to country to rock to pop, and way beyond.

You have to be pretty smart to get Heywood at his deepest level (he demands a high level of pop culture literacy), but you can also enjoy him just for his vocal style impersonations, expert musicianship and just plain silliness.

Heywood has been featured in Rolling Stone and People magazines and won the prestigious Johnnie Walker Comedy Search Contest.

Heywood Banks has appeared on A&E’s Evening at the Improv, MTV’s 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour, CNN’s Hollywood Minute, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Entertainment Tonight, Showtime’s Comedy Club Network, The Dr. Demento Show, HBO’s 12th annual Young Comedians Special with Paul Rodriguez and is a frequent guest on the national Bob and Tom radio show.


Orlando Improv
“One of the funniest, and squeakiest clean shows on earth! Heywood Banks is wild, wacky, witty, whimsical and way-out! It’s an unforgettable show that will leave you wanting more.”

Andrew Chase – Gazette Special Writer
“Heywood’s act is not the normal stand-up act of male-female relationship jokes and audience member-bashing. He intersperses his humorous observations on life with madcap songs containing hilarious lyrics and routines.”

Laughtrack Magazine
“Heywood’s act is a visual bombardment. Heywood Banks is a geek. One part science lab, one part ‘The Day After.’ The man is a walking, talking computer error.”