Greg Schwem

The Chicago Tribune recently proclaimed Greg Schwem “king of the hill in the growing world of corporate comedy."

Greg Schwem

Past clients include such corporate heavyweights as McDonald’s, Microsoft, Motorola, IBM, Verizon Wireless, United Airlines and Cisco Systems. What sets Schwem apart from other corporate entertainers is his ability – and willingness – to customize material for his audience while working within the parameters of the corporate environment. That means no profanity or politically incorrect material. “That’s never been a part of my show anyway,” says Schwem.

Besides customized material, Schwem entertains audiences with stories about tedious business meetings, Smart Phone addiction, "frequently" asked questions and his fascination with the American Girl Doll company.

Greg is available as a keynote speaker, emcee, video host or moderator. Outside of the corporate market, Schwem has shared the concert stage with the likes of Celine Dion, Jay Leno and Kenny Loggins.


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What people are saying about Greg

  1. Financial Manager’s Society

    "Not only were his scores off the charts, but Greg did his homework on our association, members, and industry, and incorporated that into his presentation."

  2. IBM

    "More than a comedian, he’s truly a brand ambassador."

  3. IT Exchange Group

    "Greg did an excellent job in motivating the group the first morning which set the tone for the next three days."