Patti Vasquez

Funny happens. And it always happens when comedian Patti Vasquez is around. You don’t have to take our word for it either. Lewis Black says, "Patti is simply marvelous." Bill Maher called her, "The funniest woman in comedy since Carol Burnett."

Patti Vasquez

Comedian Patti Vasquez shares the story of her journey with humor and heart. As an internationally touring comedian, she strives to entertain audiences while shining a light on the experience of raising a child with special needs. Patti has found that the best way for her and her family to cope with obstacles is to find joy in the unexpected. She reflects on the frustration of dealing with nosy strangers, insurance companies and financial struggles without letting any of it deter her from her most important goal: caring for her two little boys. 

In addition to corporate and concert appearances, Patti's been seen on the Very Funny Show on TBS and most recently as one of the stars of "My Life is a Joke" on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Patti's also a regular guest on the wildly popular Bob & Tom radio show, which can be heard in 139 cities from coast to coast.


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What people are saying about Patti

  1. The Quill Corporation

    "Patti was unbelievable! From the moment she walked in, she was warm, funny and ready to go. Extremely professional and easy to work with. She was able to connect with this group so well. One minute they were laughing, the next they were crying, then a minute later laughing again. I’ve had so many emails, calls and personal visits thanking me for bringing her here, I can’t even count them anymore."

  2. Mary Ellen Tolbert – Lincoln Way Area Special Education, Frankfort, IL

    "I wanted to let you know what a wonderful opening day event we had today and it was all because of Patti.  She was absolutely wonderful. Perfect. Our group gave her a standing ovation. We laughed and laughed and only paused to listen as she shared touching stories that eventually produced laughter as well. Afterward, many people commented that this was our opening day ever, possibly impossible to top!"

  3. Iowa Department of Education

    Everything was fabulous! Patti had just the right mix of comedy and disability information for our group. She also did a wonderful job of reaffirming the work that the group does. Many of the participants were at the end of their fourth day of conferences but left that room reenergized. I know I personally am still smiling at some of her stories.