Fred Klett

Fred Klett is famous for – and critically acclaimed because of – his clean humor.

Fred Klett

There’s no sex, no drug culture, and no raunchy innuendo for the sake of a cheap laugh. It is not puritan or politically sanitized.

Fred’s material is based on his family, his life and our common experiences. But the audience is never consciously thinking how wholesome Fred’s show is. They just laugh and enjoy the performance.

Afterwards, the realization that Fred’s act was so genuine and so undeniably clean only adds to their amazement and satisfaction.

This talent has made Fred Klett one of the best Wisconsin comedians working today. Don't fret... Fred is available in all 50 states!


Sample Clips

What people are saying about Fred

  1. Chicago Tribune

    “By their twisted nature, comedians often steer toward jokes that shock an audience into laughing. Comedian Fred Klett takes another route. Klett is good enough to get by without using sex and drugs and raunch galore in his routine.”
    – Chicago Tribune

  2. Joe Brookhouse – Norwegian Cruise Line

    "I laughed so much it hurt. My face cramped from the overuse of my smile muscles…
    …Fred’s show is clean. REALLY. Count all the truly funny, CLEAN comedians you know. Use all your fingers and toes. Did you get past the first hand? Didn’t think so…"

  3. CNN

    " is refreshing to savor a talent who speaks with a voice meant only to entertain. A voice that proclaims no dogma, only hilarity. This voice takes shape in the form of a popular entertainer, the Milwaukee-based stand-up comedian Fred Klett."